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Why do most international students need professional services when they apply for jobs overseas?
Severe employment situation
Difficulties in securing employment
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Reduced job vacancies
In recent years, with the number of job vacancies abroad decreasing, the overall employment rate has continued to decline, resulting in an increasingly fierce competition among job seekers. In addition, the concentration of majors selected by overseas students has led to an even more intense competition among Chinese students for employable positions, which has made it difficult to obtain employment advantages only by personal efforts. Therefore, graduates need to depend on professional institutions to gain access to high-quality internal referral opportunities in order to win a place.
Difficulty in job interview
Research shows that only about 30% of international students enter famous enterprises through their own efforts, but nearly 90% of them report that the interviews of famous enterprises are very difficult. Faced with severe employment prospect and inadequate in interview techniques, it can be extremely difficult for Chinese international students to pass an interview. In other words, newly graduated international students, who are lacking in professional interview guidance, have a slim chance in obtaining an offer. The Hiring Freeze of large companies would make the cost even higher. Therefore, instead of regretting it in the future, it would be wiser to seek professional interview guidance now.
Under the trend of globalization, more and more international students are willing to work overseas. At the same time, however, the differences in language environment have led to a very low pass rate in their interviews. Besides, under the pressure of the mid-term exam, final exam, Quiz, thesis, etc., students can hardly devote themselves to finding their target jobs.
According to the statistics of a survey in the recent two years, the average period for Chinese students to find a job in the United States is 6-12 months. However, the truth is that they only have a three-month transition period after graduation before they are repatriated. And 90% of the Chinese international students said that they had great pressure in finding jobs by themselves.
What advantages can professional institutions bring?
Chinese students need more help in their internship and employment in the United States. As the service ratio between tutors and students in the employment guidance centers of American universities is less than 1:1000, the employment resources they can provide for international students are very limited. Therefore, Chinese students seeking jobs overseas need more professional guidance in career planning and targeted training, as well as adequate support from overseas workplace connections.
1. Professional institutions can greatly improve the employment efficiency of international students. They own a large amount of internal referral resources of famous enterprises, enabling students to find their favorite jobs more quickly .

2. Professional institutions help discover and enhance the advantages of international students. The job hunting skills and techniques training provided by enterprise mentors can effectively improve the probability of obtaining an offer from a famous enterprise.

3. Professional institutions can provide accurate career planning guidance for international students according to their own majors and plans, so as to help them achieve unlimited career possibilities.
Our product - customized solution
job hunting
Our product - customized job hunting solution
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Academic assistance in thesis composition and overseas course learning
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The following data is obtained by referring to the salary of the new graduates of famous enterprises in the previous year. For reference only!
Consulting Industry
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Monthly salary: 15-60K
Monthly salary: 20-60K
Finance Industry
FMCG Industry
Monthly salary: 18-60K
Monthly salary: 14-40K
Technology Development Industry
Energy Industry
Monthly salary: 22-65K
Monthly salary: 16-50k
Internet Industry
Real Estate Industry
Monthly salary: 18-50K
Monthly salary: 20-40K
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Unlimited internal referrals for full-time jobs
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Interview training for famous enterprises
Refinement of workplace documents
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