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Career Infinite is always devoted to extending our partner companies. As a leading company in career consulting, we've partnered with multiple companies worldwide and referred many great candidates to them.
Would you be interested in saving time and budget on hiring?
Our candidates graduated from first-tier American universities and majored in diverse fields.
Place them in 3-6 months of intern projects and get precious work experience.
If you need referrals from these fields
Computer science
Digital Science
Management consulting
Artificial Intelligence
UX/UI design
Business analysis
Project management
Your benefits
-Access to smart candidates from first-tier American universities.
-Get intern/job candidate referrals based on your needs.
-Reduce hiring expenses both on time and budget.
Our Partner Companies
Career Infinite has partnered with more than 500 companies globally with the mission to provide the fastest news and most referral positions.
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Application process
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Graduation Guarantee program
Unlimited internal referrals for full-time jobs
Domestic internship admission
Interview training for famous enterprises
Refinement of workplace documents
Graduation Guarantee program
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Domestic field training
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